Montanari & Gruzza lands in Germany and Austria with a new website dedicated to a selection of ORGANIC products much loved in those markets.

We have been selling our products in Germany by a few years now, through the distributor Dennree, an important chain of Organic points of sale. To give answers and better serve our customers ove there, we have developed a new website dedicated to the organic supply chain.

The supply chain of ORGANIC products focuses on the well-being of the cows in order to enable them to produce top quality milk, the basis of Montanari & Gruzza Biological and organic products. Over time we have created our own supply chain, starting from the choice of cattle breeds to be dedicated to the production of organic milk, up to the acquisition of the dairy and mountain farming, both located in the Parma hills.

Our path has led us to be in control of all the stages of the journey to produce our products, from the fields to maturing the cheeses.
The complete control of the supply chain allows us to carry out sustainability studies and to contribute, with the most modern technologies, to tackle climate change (reduction of the Carbon Footprint) and to improve animal welfare, in collaboration with the Animal Production Research Center in within the European “Ethical Cheese” program.

Today organic Parmigiano Reggiano is a consolidated reality, and we continue to pursue our constant commitment to raise industry standards and improve the Parmigiano Reggiano industry, reducing its environmental impact and improving animal welfare.
Our daily commitment is to ensure the highest quality of all our products for the national market and for new markets abroad.

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