In milk we trust since 1950

Origins and tradition


Biodiversity and territory


Modernity and innovation


Ethics and responsibilities



We have an unbreakable bond with Emilia, its history and its secular traditions.

We live the territory and our products are the essence and fruit of an ancient history of work, passion and ingenuity.

The daily collection of surfacing cream in dairies where Parmigiano Reggiano is produced and the selection and care for the cheeses, show a strong relationship with an environment that has been familiar from the beginning of our history, which started halfway through the last century.

We chose the territory and biodiversity: we offer an extremely diverse range of cheeses.

We invest on typical dairy bovines like the Red Reggiana Cow and the Brown Alpine Cow; these bovine varieties have peculiar characteristics which create an aromatic PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, ripened for a long time in order to provide it with a strong taste and give the consumers all the complexities and values of a deep cultural history. 

Environment and locality, the territory as a place to live every day.

The diversification of our products is the mirror of a direct selection which ends up on the table from the land and tradition.